Illing Company offers an extensive variety of glass and acrylic packaging suitable for the cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Offerings includes jars, pumps, sprayers, dropper vials, roll-ons and child resistant containers. Available sizes range from 5-200ml with both standard and custom shapes and colors. Silk screen and labeling options are available with low MOQ’s.

Classical Round

Domed Jar

UFO Tapered Jar

Cylindrical Jar & Pump

Sphericity Jar & Pump

Louver Jar & Pump

Round Waste Jar & Pump

Classic Airless Jar

Cone Jar & Pump

Cylinder Airless Bottle

Rotatable Airless Bottle

Square Airless Bottle

Double Tube Airless Bottle

Crystal Square Jar & Bottle

Plated Cover Round Jar & Bottle

Oblique Tapered Jar & Bottle

Ancient Korean Bottle

Triangle Shaped Bottle & Jar

Straightened Gradient Jar & Bottle

Wood Grain Acrylic Jar & Bottle

Petal Jar & Bottle