Illing® Company will help you take control of your marketing, quality and value chain with tomorrow’s technology.

We are taking packaging to the next level with new and innovative traceability technologies, inventory management, instant access to product data, customer interaction and much more!

The opportunities are endless!  What do you want it to do for YOU?

What is Illing® AI Smart Packaging™?

AI Smart Packaging™ is an extension of our LabeILLING™ platform, utilizing exclusive next-generation integrated RFID/NFC technology based on the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is basically a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring interaction.

Each of our AI Smart Packaging™ chips can be uniquely programmed and identified (like a license plate) with a UID allowing you to carry product and branding data with the package from manufacturing to the consumer, all the way to the unit level.

Partnering with you, Illing® Company can develop a “smart” chip program with your label and package to more efficiently and accurately manage your value chain and to more effectively engage your customers and product users.

Consumer and Branding Benefits

Give your product an identity

Use your existing digital assets (websites, videos, social media links) with a coordinated platform that ties relevant technical data and enhanced consumer experience.

Because each chip can be unique to each unit, you can carry individual data and custom-tailor product-specific batches for truly targeted and flexible customer engagement.

What’s more, the chips can easily be updated without even bringing the product back; so if your marketing focus changes, you can effortlessly virtually modify your marketing message and route your customers to new content.

Don’t have existing digital assets?  Let our dedicated specialists help you create the marketing materials you wish to send to your customers.

Value Chain

Store Production Data

Using our Illing® Company AI Smart Packaging™, you will obtain complete traceability for each and every package with 100% inventory visibility and control at your fingertips.

  1. Inventory Management: Immediate access to real time, real location, within centimeters
  2. Various levels of sensors available based on your level of integration
  3. Lot Codes: Entire Batch information can be tied to the individual unit allowing for faster and more accurate quality control
  4. MSDS Sheets: Easy access to a component’s MSDS sheets
  5. Location Services: Monitor, track and trace along your value chain from warehouse to distribution center, from retailer to consumer


  1. Perhaps you send a batch of product to the east coast and another out west. The product on the east coast sells great, but the product on the west isn’t moving. You can batch the west coast codes and offer a targeted discount coupon for just those units, accessible with a simple tap of the product.
  2. You manufacture ingredients in bulk and each 55 gal drum of product can be worth thousands of dollars. A simple RFID investment can help you track your product in the warehouse and even when it leaves with a notification on your phone.
  3. Your brand is incredibly valuable and perhaps you or your customer have concerns about product authenticity in the marketplace. Integrate a chip with each package and provide a new standard of safety and security to ensure the product is yours and it will perform precisely the way you intend.

Don’t see what you are looking for or have an idea of something else you would like to see?  Consult with our specialized sales team and we will see how we can make your package smart enough to work for you!

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