ILLING® Company is extremely proud and excited to be expanding our decoration capabilities to shrink sleeving and shrink banding packages of all shapes and sizes!

The 400 series are the most versatile sleeve applicators on the market! Our specialized sales force is dedicated to packaging your vision through state of the art shrink sleeving capabilities!

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Full Body Shrink Labeling & Banding

Tamper Evident Neck Bands

Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeving

Intricate, Odd or Round Shapes

Depalletizer & Repalletizer Capabilities To Reduce Labor & Cost


Better Shelf Appeal

Highest Quality Graphics Available

Full Coverage On The Container To Showcase High Quality Graphics

Full Wrap Decoration On Asymmetrical & Bundled Packages

Lightning Speed-To-Market

Innovative Custom Engineering

Consistency On Branding Across All Packages

State Of The Art Machinery That Helps Eliminate Distortion & Balance In The Sleeving Process


■ Mandrel Film Delivery  ■ HMI Touch Screen  ■ No Air Required  ■ Quick Change Tooling Design  ■ Small Footprint  ■ Vertical and “T” Perforation  ■ Film Accumulator/Splicing System  ■ Inspect/Reject Systems  ■ Container Drying Systems  ■ Custom Puck & Product Handling Systems  ■ Date/Lot Coding  ■ 1-10″ diameters  ■ 40-400 mm LFW  ■ Film Gauge Down to 30 Micron *application specific  ■ Directional Heat  ■ High-Quality Machinery Built in USA   Turnkey Shrink Sleeve Decorating   In-house production by our own production staff