It is important to select the correct package for materials that require UN-Rated packaging. According to ICC Compliance Center, “A receptacle and any other components or materials necessary for the receptacle to perform its containment function in conformance with United Nations (UN) specifications. This type of packaging must be certified according to a national competent authority by design qualification testing in accordance with UN standards. This will ensure the packaging is appropriate for the carriage of dangerous goods.”

A description of the UN specification markings can be found in every transport regulation or standard. For example:

UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Part 6

IATA Dangerous Good Regulations – Section 6

ICAO Technical Instructions – Part 6

IMDG Code – Chapter 6

US 49 CFR – Part 178

Canadian CGSB – CGSB-43.150-97, section 4 (small means of containment); CGSB-43.146-2002, section 5 (IBC’s)

The marking that is applied to a UN package indicates the type of package and the levels to which the packaging has been approved. The following describes the sequence of numbers and letters that appear in a UN marking and what they designate.

Combination Packaging or Single Packaging for Solid Hazardous Materials

Example of UN Marking for Solid Hazardous Materials in single or composite packaging or combination packaging for all materials.







Liquid Hazardous Materials

Example of UN Marking for Liquid Hazardous Materials in single or composite packaging.