Environmentally Responsible Packaging

Environmentally Responsible Packaging

As a packaging distributor, Environmentally Responsible Packaging is an important topic for us to educate ourselves and our customers on. The last thing we want to do is turn a consumer off to a product due to the container the product is packaged in!

In today’s world, the consumer is less concerned with brand loyalty and more driven by performance, convenience, and price. Some might argue that “going green” with products and packaging is not financially beneficial for companies. This is simply not the case, as studies are showing consumers are willing to pay more for enviro-friendly packaging. A 2015 Nielsen study even showed 66% of global respondents in favor for higher prices for “green”, more sustainable packaging.

One way we can be more environmentally responsible, is by always reviewing our application of product before choosing a package. The key is to minimize energy usage, maximize use of material, and decrease the amount of waste.

Some responsible choices we can make in the packaging industry are:

■ Fiber Drums ■ Square Pails ■ Recyclable PET Bottles ■ Stainless Steel
■ Reconditioned or Re-bottled IBC Totes ■ Recyclable Glass ■ Lightweight Packaging

Here are some ways that packaging can be environmentally responsible:

■ Biodegradable (but preferably compostable)
■ Recyclable
■ Reusable
■ Non-toxic
■ Made from recycled products
■ Space efficient shapes
■ Manufactured, transported or warehoused through low-impact means (use less energy)
■ Source reduced (less material)

Interested in learning more? Give us a call to discuss options for cost-effective environmentally responsible packaging!

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